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This is the northern terminus of the Jubilee Line, which runs approximately south from the station.


The area outside the gates is divided into two sections. A street level entrance and the ticket sales area. The ticket sales area can be reached via 48 steps leading south from street level or via the entrance from the car park, from the east. Note that the car park entrance affords either stairs or ramp access to the station.

There are three platforms. The original island platform (1 - 2) leads south from the gate line, whilst a new platform (3) runs along the west side of the station and is reached via a path from the island platform, just beyond (south of) the gate line.

This station is a depot for the Jubilee line, we noted ten sidings between track 2 and the car park.


There is step-free access to this station via the ramp from the car park. We therefore believe this station is accessible to Guide Dog users, though the step-free route could be difficult for some users. The ramp is quite steep and, if you don't have access to a vehicle, you'll have to move between the car park and street level. I think the car park is about ten metres below street level.

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