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This includes the area between the main entrance and platform 17, DLR southbound.

The ticket sales facilities are on the right-hand side as you come into the station and the gate line is in front of you. The right-hand gates are normally the ones you need.

The area inside the gates offers step-free access to the Middle Subway, plus stairs, escalator and lift access to the Level 1 Walkway via which you can reach the West Concourse, platforms 3A, 3 - 5, 4A and 4B.

Outside the Gates

There are four cash machines - HSBC, Nationwide, Nationwide and HSBC - on a pillar to your left (west) as you approach the station.

You go in facing north, over tactile flooring.

South Side, Going West

help point
2 ticket machines
pillar with 4 pay phones

West Side

  2 billboards

North Side, Going East

  paper racks
gate line

Northeast Side, Going Southeast

  3 assistance and ticket sales windows, queue facing northeast, towards windows
ticket machine

East Side, Going South

  2 ticket machines

Inside the Gates

North Side, Going East

  barrier beside platform 17, DLR southbound
west lift to Level 1 Walkway, call button on a post right (east) of the door
passage to toilets, closed at the time of our survey
escalator to Level 1 Walkway
steps to/from Level 1 Walkway
east lift to Level 1 Walkway, call button left (west) of door
recess to Middle Subway
2 leaflet racks

East Side, Going South

  WH Smith
2 blank doors
gate line

South Side, Going West

  Wide aisle Gate (entrance)
5 auto entrances
5 auto exits
1 auto entrance
Wide Aisle Gate (exit)
recess to ticket machine for DLR
billboards, DLR information

West Side

  entrance to platform 17, DLR southbound

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