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This subway, running approximately north/south, lies towards the east end of the station, giving stairs access to platforms 3 - 5, 6 - 8, 9 - 10 and 12. There is lift access from here to platforms 10A and 11. A passage leads west from the north end of this subway to the Middle Subway.


South End

  emergency exit

East Side, Going North

  blank door
steps to platforms 9 - 10, up 13 then 12 steps, going east, tactile paving top and bottom
slope down
steps to platform 10A, three x nine steps, going east
lift to platform 10A, call button to left (north) of door
blank door
lift to platform 11, call button to right (south) of the door
steps to platform 11, up three x nine steps, going east, tactile paving at top and bottom
blank wall
steps to platform 12, up ten, ten then six steps, going east, tactile paving at bottom, the six steps to platform 1 are to your left (north).

North End


West Side, Going North

  passage to steps to platforms 3 - 5, up three x ten steps, going west
slope up
help point
steps to platforms 6 - 8, up three x nine steps going west
steps to platforms 9 - 10, up 11 then 14 steps going west, tactile at bottom
blank wall
blank door
help point
blank wall
passage to Middle Subway

The Passage to the Middle Subway

This passage leads east/west between the Middle and East subways with a help point about half way along the south side.

The steps to platforms 1 - 2 go up east from the middle of the west end of this passage, so you'll need to keep to one side as you approach the middle subway.

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