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This subway offers lift and stairs access between the East Concourse, platforms 1 - 12 and the North Concourse.

A ramp leads down north from the east concourse into a passage which continues north past the lifts and stairs to the platforms. The steps, escalators and lift to the North Concourse are at the north end.


South End

  ramp from East Concourse, rail to each side

East Side, Going North

  down slope
foot of slope
passage to lift to platforms 3 - 5
Stratford Station Kiosk
6 billboards
help point
steps to platforms 6 - 8, up nine, eight then nine steps, going east, tactile paving at top and bottom
6 billboards
steps to platforms 9 - 10, up 15 then 14 steps, going east, tactile top and bottom
passage to platforms 10A - 12
wall retreats
passage to East Subway
steps to platforms 1 - 2, up 3 x 11 steps, going east, tactile top and bottom
passage to East Subway

Note that the steps to platforms 1 - 2 are in the middle of the passage to the East Subway, which becomes a single, wide passage beyond the steps.

North End, Going East

  steps to North Concourse, up 16 then 16 steps, going north, tactile paving top and bottom
escalator down from North Concourse
escalator up to North Concourse
lift to North Concourse

West Side, Going North

  Barista Coffee House
down slope
blank door
foot of slope
steps to platforms 3 - 5, up 15 then 15 steps, going west
lift to platforms 6 - 8, call button on right (north) wall beside lift
down slope
lift to platforms 9 - 10, call button on wall left (south) of door
help point, opposite passage to platforms 10A - 12
lift to platforms 1 - 2, call button right (north) of door

The Passage to the Lift to Platforms 3 - 5

Continue east, past the Stratford Station Kiosk on your left (north), the lift is in front of you, the call button is on the wall to your left of the door.

The Passage to Platforms 10A - 12

The passage leads east between blank walls then turns right (south).

East Side, Going South

  passage to platform 12, up 4 x 8 steps, going east
steps to platforms 10A - 11, up 4 x 8 steps, going east

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