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The platforms in this station are identified in two groups. The high level platforms include platforms 1 - 12 which serve the London Overground, London Underground Central Line, DLr (Stratford Branch) and mainline services. The lower level platforms serve the London Underground Jubilee Line and DLR (Stratford International Branch).

The High Level Platforms

Platform Allocations

At the time of our survey, platforms were allocated as follows:

Platforms 4 and 7 no longer exist. The DLR (Stratford Branch) platforms are now designated 4A and 4B.


Platforms 3A - 10A run approximately east/west, whilst platforms 11, 12 1 and 2 veer towards the north. For convenience, we'll refer to the ends of platforms near the West Subway as the west end and the far ends as the east.

The platforms are numbered, from the south, as follows:

The DLR (Stratford Branch) platforms 4A and 4B extend west from the Level 1 Walkway, with platform 4A lying south of platform 4B.

The Low Level Platforms

These include platforms 13 - 15 serving the London Underground Jubilee Line and platforms 16 - 17 serving the DLR (Stratford International Branch).


Platforms 13 - 15, serving the Jubilee Line extend south from the West Concourse. Platform 13 is a separate platform along the west side of the station, whilst platforms 14 - 15 are an island platform.

Platforms 16 - 17, serving the DLR (Stratford International Branch) are separate platforms with platform 16, northbound to Stratford International, along the east side of the West Concourse and platform 17, southbound along the west side of the East Concourse.

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