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This is the passage which leads east from platforms 4A and 4B, bridging platforms 16 - 17 then continuing east to the Level 1 Entrance. There is lift, escalator and stairs access between this walkway and each section of the main concourse from the south side. There is level access to the Central Line westbound, platform 3A and stairs access to platforms 3 and 5 from the north. Note that the escalators to/from this level were being refurbished at the time of our survey.


South Side, Going West

  rail runs northwest then west
east lift to East Concourse
steps down to East Concourse, 14 then 14 steps, going south, central rail
escalator from East Concourse
west lift to East Concourse
help point
east lift to West Concourse
escalator from West Concourse
steps to West Concourse, 14 then 14 steps, going south, central rail
west lift to West Concourse
recess with glass display cases

West End, Going North

  glass wall
3 doors with tactile in front to DLR

North Side, Going West

  east passage to Central Line, westbound, platform 3A
raill with billboards
middle passage from Central Line, westbound, platform 3A
rail with billboards
west passage from Central Line, westbound, platform 3A

East End, Going South

  archway to gate line
blank wall

The Level 1 Entrance

This leads northwest from the Level 1 pavement which is a landing in the steps between the forecourt and the Westgate Shopping Centre.

Outside the Gates

Southeast Side

  Level 1 pavement

Southwest Side

  billboards and pillars

Northwest Side, Going Northeast

  Wide Aisle Gate (exit)
7 auto exits

North Side, Going East

  5 auto entrances
1 auto exit
Wide Aisle Gate (entrance)
help point
2 ticket machines
blank door

East Side

  5 billboards

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