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This is the space between platform 16, DLR northbound (to the east) and the Jubilee Line platforms (to the south). The West Subway, plus the lifts, stairs and escalator to the Level 1 Walkway are on the north side.

At the time of our survey, the escalators were being refurbished and hoardings blocked this space.

Note that there is no direct access from the street into this section of the concourse, though the gate line across the Jubilee Line platforms has been removed.


North Side, Going East

  Classico Expresso, cafe
leaflet rack
wall retreats to West Subway, three sets of steps divided by rails
lift to West Subway, automatic door opens outwards
wall juts out

East Side, Going South

call button for lift to West Subway

Continuing East, Beyond the West Subway

  west lift to Level 1 Walkway
pillar in concourse with 2 billboards
3 blank doors
rail beside steps, jutting south
steps up to Level 1 Walkway
hoardings around escalator to Level 1 Walkway
passage to accessible toilet, RADAR key required
east lift to Level 1 Walkway, call button on short post east of door
barrier beside platform 16, DLR northbound

East Side, Going South

gap to platform 16, DLR northbound, with tactile paving
barrier beside platform 16

South Side, Going West

  2 billboards, in corner
Tube map
ticket machine
ticket machine
assistance box
platforms 15 and 14
Tracks 14 and 13, rail across, with 3 billboards
platform 13

West Side, Going North

  emergency exit
wall with windows
Oyster card reader
leaflet rack
Station Supervisor's office
tables and chairs outside cafe

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