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This is generally a rectangular space which is divided into two parts by the U-shaped gateline which juts in from the south.

We understand this station is scheduled for redevelopment in the near future, which should ease traffic through what is currently a confined space.

The ticket sales facilities and entrance gates are on the east side of the concourse, whilst the exits tend to be along the north and west.

See the Environs page for details of entrances and exits to this station.

The Concourse, Outside the Gates

West Wall, Going North from the Gate Line

  exit 1
Tube map
exit 2, from northwest corner

North Wall, Going East

  2 billboards
Tube map
2 billboards
Tube map
pocket map dispenser
map of area
Tube map
night buses in central London
exit 3
6 coin and card phones
large billboard
steps going east, from northeast corner to subway other exits

east wall, Going South

  3 billboards
wall juts out

South Side

  fast ticket machine
Oyster card vending machine, on pillar

Continuing East Side

  fares information
2 ticket machines
fast ticket machine
ticket machine
fast ticket machine
2 fast ticket machines, coin only
leaflet rack
blank door

Queuing system for ticket sales windows. You join the queue facing south, there are two ticket sales windows in front of you.

The Gate Line

Starting from the manual gate, the gate line runs north, containing:

  manual gate
2 entrances
luggage point
pillar with newspaper stand
2 entrances
pillar with Tube map
3 exits
pillar, stairs to subway to the right (east), exit 3 straight ahead (north)

Gate Line Turns Left (west)

2 exits
luggage point

Gate Line Turns Left (south)

  4 exits, straight forward for exit 1, bear right for exit 2

The Concourse, Inside the Gates

South Wall, Going West from the Manual Gate

  2 billboards
entrance to spiral staircase
2 billboards

West Side, Going North

  down escalator, to intermediate level
barrier, separating entrance and exit
2 up escalators from intermediate level

The remainder of this space is bounded by the gate line. The exit gates on the west are opposite exits 1 and 2, whilst those to the north lead straight to exit 3, turn right to other exits.

The entrance gates are along the east side of this space.

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