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This is a through station on the Central Line, which runs east/west and the Northern Line (Charing Cross Branch), which runs north/south.


The station is established on five levels:

The generally rectangular concourse is accessed from street level via six entrance/exits, which are all named "exit". Three of these (Exit 4, Centre Point Gym Entry and Exit 5) share a subway (designated "Exits 4 and 5), which enters the east side of the concourse. The ticket sales machines and booths are located in the eastern section of the concourse, adjacent to the entrance to this subway. The entrance gates occupy the east side of the gate line, which forms three sides of a rectangle within the concourse.

The intermediate level comprises a rectangular area beyond the escalators from the main concourse, from which a west spur extends over the Central line platforms and a south spur extends above the Northern Line. The west spir includes the entrance steps to the Central Line, the exit is via any one of three sets of steps emerging on the north side of the intermediate level. The south spur provides an exit from the Northern Line. An escalator comes up into the south end of this space, whilst a set of steps emerges on the east, just south of the escalators between the intermediate and lower levels.

The lower level consists of the passage between the escalators from the intermediate level and the foot of the spiral stairs. stairs, leading west from a point opposite the foot of the spiral stairs lead up west to the intermediate level, whilst the passage continues south to steps towards platform 3.

A passage joins the east end of the Central Line, platform 2 to the Northern end of the Northern Line, between platforms 3 and 4. The clockwise circulation requires you to move east onto platform 4, then go through the next passage onto platform 3.


There is stairs-only but no step-free access through this station. We therefore believe the station is accessible to Guide Dog users, but not to wheelchairs.

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