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This is a rectangular area, located at the foot of the escalators from the main concourse, with a spur leading west over the Central Line platforms and another leading south over the Northern Line.

The rectangle is divided by barriers and pillars which encourage a clockwise traffic flow.

The escalators from the main concourse come down west into the northeast corner of this area, whilst a second set leave east to passage 1, towards the Northern Line.

The Intermediate Level

East Side, Going South

  3 escalators from main concourse, the left-hand is normally the one you need
2 escalators to/from Northern Line, the left-hand is normally the one you need

South Side, Going West

  south spur, exit from Northern Line
2 billboards
blank door
pillar with ventillation in middle
recess with blank door and the door to the Station Supervisor's Office

West Wall, Going North

  2 billboards
west spur

The south Spur leads north from the top of the exit escalator from the Northern Line, veering left then right again, past steps from passage 1, arriving from the left-hand (east) side, into the southeast corner of the rectangle.

The west spur is a passage with a metal barrier along the middle, separating the entrance and exit pathways for the Central Line platforms. The barrier ends a few metres short of the end of this passage.

West Wall, Going North

  blank wall
stairs, entrance to Central Line

North Wall, Going East

  3 exits from Central Line
blank door

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