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We noted the following passages:

  1. From the foot of the escalators at the lower level, leading south, down steps to the southbound Northern Line, platform 4.
  2. From the east end of the Eastbound Central Line, platform 2, to the north end of the Northern Line, platforms 3 and 4.

Passage 1

This is designated as an exit passage, from the north end of platform 3. You go up 20 steps, going north, across a junction with:

Continue (north) to the foot of the up escalator to the intermediate level (west), followed by the downward escalator. Steps down (east) opposite the downward escalator are the entrance to the Northern Line, platform 4.

Passage 2, From the Central to Northern Line

From the east end of platform 2, go up three steps, going east, pass the exit stairs to the intermediate level on your right before going down eight steps going east. Continue, down a slight slope, go down eight steps, going east (over the northbound Northern Line) before turning right (south, under the westbound Central Line). Go down 18 steps, going south and continue down a slight slope, the slope flattens then goes up. You're now in the central reservation between the platforms at the north end. Turn left then right onto platform 4.

Take the next passage on your right for the northbound Northern Line, platform 3, to be near the front of the train.

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