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Go through the entrance gates and bear left to locate the entrance to the spiral staircase, a few metres beyond the manual gate. Go down nine steps, going south, turn left and left again. Go down eight steps, going north and follow the passage, which curves to your right then curves left again. Continue forward to locate a metal grid at the top of the spiral stairs. Note the low headroom, 2 metres height just beyond the start of the grid.

Continue down the spiral, clockwise, going down 14 then 5 x 17 steps. Follow the passage, turning right (west). The passage widens and emerges into a junction:

Turn left (south) to Northern Line platform 3
right (north) to way out
straight ahead (west) stairs to the Central Line.

Turning right, follow the passage left (west) to the foot of the escalators to/from the intermediate level. The left-hand escalator is normally the one you need.

Turning left (south), go down 20 steps to platform level, at the north end of platform 3. For southbound, platform 4 take the first passage on your left, you're near the rear of the train.

Continuing west from the junction, go up 17 then 17 steps, going west to the intermediate level, turn right and almost immediately left, continue west, past the door of the Station Supervisor's Office, turn right (north) then left again (west) along the west spur. Turn right (north) at the end, then left again (west), go down 20 steps to the island platform. Platform 1 Central Line westbound is on your left, you are near the 2nd carriage from the rear of the train. Platform 2, eastbound, is on your right, you are near the second carriage from the front of the train.

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