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The station is located in an extensive landscaped and paved area to the north of Tower Hill which runs east/west between the station and the Tower. Minories (north/south) lies some distance east, running past the entrance to Tower Gateway Station.

Entrances and Exits

This station has a separate entrance and exit each served by its own concourse. The entrance lies a few metres southwest of the exit at a slightly lower level (down nine steps).

The Entrance

The entrance leads west from the west end of a path leading east towards Tower Gateway Station, you go down three steps, going west into the concourse. A subway leads south, just outside the entrance, under Tower Hill, towards the Tower and other features of interest.

The Exit

There are two exits from the exit concourse, one leads south onto a raised area north of the path from Tower Gateway Station, whilst the other leads west into a paved area south of Trinity Square, from which you can go north towards Fenchurch Street Station.

The Raised Area

This is a section of path lying north of the main path between Tower Gateway and the entrance.

From the exit, you can turn left then take the turning right, down six steps, going south onto the path. You can turn right from here, towards the entrance, then turn left, before you reach the entrance, for the subway.

If you continue east, you go down four steps, going east, onto the path.

Local Road Crossings

Tower Hill

The crossing is via the subway, see the Local Features section for details.


The path to Tower Gateway Station branches towards the east end, the left branch leads to the pedestrian crossing towards Tower Gateway Station, whilst the right branch leads to the crossing at the junction with Tower Hill. Note that the subway under the Minories has been removed.

The Crossing Towards Tower Gateway Station

This is a single-stage crossing with tactile paving. There's a post with push button and rotating cone to each side of you as you cross in either direction.

The Crossing at the Junction

This is a two-stage crossing, with tactile paving throughout, via a triangular island in the junction. The post, with push button and rotating cone is to your right as you leave the pavement in either direction. However, the post with push button and rotating cone is to your left as you leave the island in either direction. Note that, when crossing east, towards the station you bear left on the island, whilst when crossing to the west, you'll bear right.

Local Buses

On the South Side of Tower Hill

Bus stop TA, just east of the steps from the subway, serving buses to St Pauls, 15 and N15. Coach 731, Monday to Friday.

On the North Side of Tower Hill

There's a bus stop immediately to your right at the top of the ramp from the subway. Move west, past a ticket machine to Bus Stop TB, serving buses to Limehouse or Whitechapel, 15, 25 and N15.

Local Features

The subway leads south, from just east of the entrance, to Tower of London, Tower Pier Tower Bridge St Katherines Docks HMS Belfast, Butlerís Wharf and the Design Museum.

The path leads towards Tower Gateway DLR, Banglatown, Brick Lane Petticoat Lane Market, Whitechapel Art Gallery, and Spitalfields Market.

The Subway, Going South

You go down 18 steps, going south. To your left (east) is a statue and a fragment of medieval wall. Continue down 15 and seven steps, going south under Tower Hill. You go through an open space before you go under the road. There's a shop, Traders Gate to your right (west).

A ramp leads up to your right (west), from the top of this you can either go up nine then eight steps, going west, onto the north side of Tower Hill, or turn right (180 degrees, east) and up the ramp to the north side of Tower Hill. The top of the ramp is signed Tower Hill Station, Tower Gateway Station, Fenchurch Street, Tower Bridge, and St Katherines Dock.

Continuing south, you pass a circular display surrounded by glass barriers, medieval wall. Go up the slope, you're now facing the back wall of the Tower.

Turn left (east) to Tower Bridge, right for the Tower itself. Right also for Tower Pier.

Turning left, you go up east, through a short passage then up 14 then 13 steps, going east onto the south side of Tower Hill. Thereís a slight slope up from the top of these steps and the treads are well worn.

Turning right, you go up a ramp, we understand this doesnít lead to the street.

The Path to Tower Gateway

Continuing east from the entrance concourse, there's a rail on your right and a wall including the steps towards the exit concourse, on your left.

You veer left, across the east steps from the exit concourse, then right (east), past a section of medieval wall. You pass three seats on your left, then four trees in large pots on your right.

There's a green space between this path and Tower Hill. Go down a slight slope past three large seats on your left.

From here, you can keep left towards the crossing or bear right to the subway.

The crossing is single-stage with tactile paving, there's a post with push button and rotating cone to each side as you cross in either direction On the east side, the railings of the subway are in front of you, turn left then right, across the top of the steps, then turn left into the entrance to Tower Gateway Station.

If you use the subway, you go down 13 then 11 steps, going east, continue under the road then turn left and go up 13 then 12 steps, going north to street level. The entrance to Tower Gateway Station is in front of you.

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