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As there is a dedicated exit concourse in this station, we'll direct you this way, although you can exit via the entrance concourse in emergency.

The exit steps are beside the front half of eastbound, or rear half of westbound, trains.

As you face the front of the train, the doors will open on your left from eastbound trains on platform 3, on your left from westbound Circle Line trains on platform 2 and on your right for westbound District Line trains on platform 1.

There is tactile paving along the edge of all platforms in this station.

From Which Platform?

  From Platforms 1 - 2, Westbound
From Platform 3, Eastbound

From Platforms 1 - 2, Westbound

Go towards the rear of the train and go up a flight of steps. Note that these steps are nearer platform 1.

Follow the passage round to your left then go up a flight of steps, then turn left. Go to the concourse.

From Platform 3, Eastbound

Go towards the front of the train and locate the tactile paving leading left to the foot of the steps. Go up a flight of steps, then follow the passage to your right then go up another flight and turn right.

Go up a flight of steps, into the concourse. The gate line is in front of you with a manual gate at the right-hand end. Go through the gates.

Continue forward, through the exit and turn right for Fenchurch Street Station. Otherwise, turn left for the Tower and Tower Gateway.

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