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The station is located between Wilton Road (to the east), Victoria Street (to the north) and Victoria Mainline Station (to the south). A side road, separating the Underground and mainline stations continues from Wilton Road through to Buckingham Palace Road. Turn left into Buckingham Palace Road for Victoria Coach Station, which is some distance down on your right.

Terminus Place, which passes through the bus station, runs west from Wilton Road between the Victoria and Circle line parts of the station.

Entrances and Exits

The station has five exits:

From the Wilton Road Entrance

Go down 19 then seven steps, going west, into the Victoria Line concourse.

Note, the 19 steps up to the west, offset to your right go up towards Victoria Mainline Station.

From the Victoria Gatwick Express Entrance

Go down 11 then 12 steps, going north into the Victoria Line concourse.

To the Victoria Mainline and Coach Station Exit

Go up 12 then 12 steps, going south from the Victoria Line concourse. Continue forward for Victoria Maiinline Station. Turn right, (west) for the taxi rank, Victoria Coach Station and Victoria Bus Station.

From the Terminus Place Exit

From the Circle Line concourse, go up 17 steps, going west then turn left (south) and go down one step into Terminus Place.

From the Victoria Street Exit

From the Circle Line concourse, go up 17 steps, going north, onto Victoria Street.

Note, These stairs are divided into 2 sections by a central rail.

Local Road Crossings

There is a Pelican crossing across Wilton Road just to your left as you emerge from the exit. This is a single-stage crossing with tactile paving. There's a post with push button and rotating cone to either side at each end of the crossing.

Local Taxis

The taxi rank is in the side street, a few metres west of the Victoria Coach Station exit.

Local Features

South Side of the Side Street, Going West

  London Tour Bus
mainline station building starts
main entrance to station, opposite the exit from the Underground station
London Travel Information
Threshers Wine
fruit and juice stall
hotel booking desk
entrance to mainline station
West Cornwall Pasty Co.
M&S Simply Food
entrance to mainline station

North Side of Side Street, Going West

  plain pavement
Victoria Mainline exit from Underground station
tactile pavement
recess on right
temporary ticket office for Underground station
4 ticket machines
Victoria Coach Station exit from Underground station
rail on right
gap in rail, move right between two rails
taxi pick-up point, opposite Starbucks

Outside the Temporary Ticket Office

South Side

  nine ticket machines, various types

West Side

  ramp up into office, go up north then turn right

North Side


East Side

  exit, steps down from office

Inside the Temporary Ticket Office

North Side

  4 ticket sales windows

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