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This is a through station on the Victoria, District and Circle lines.


The circle and District lines run east/west through the station on separate platforms, platform 1, westbound lying south of platform 2, eastbound. The Victoria Line runs approximately north/south through the station on an island platform with platform 3, northbound lying to the west of platform 4, southbound.

There are two concourses, one serving the Victoria Line, the other serving the Circle and District Lines. These concourses are joined by a passage, which runs approximately north/south.

Exits to Wilton Road (east) and Victoria Station (south) emerge from the Victoria Line concourse, whilst those for Terminus Place (west) and Victoria Street (north) emerge from the Circle Line Concourse.

The Circle Line concourse bridges platforms 1 and 2, with the exits from the platforms emerging on the west and entrances leaving from the east side of the concourse. Stairs only access is provided to both platforms.

Escalators join the Victoria Line concourse to the southern end of the island platform, whilst another set of escalators joins the northern end of the island platform to an intermediate level beneath the eastern end of the Circle and District Line platforms. Stairs join this intermediate level to each Circle/District Line platform.

Note, there is no stairs access to the Victoria Line.


There is no step-free access through this station. There is stairs-only access between street level and the Circle and District lines. There is escalator-only access to the Victoria Line.

We therefore believe this station is inaccessible to wheelchair users, whilst only the Circle and District Line platforms are accessible to Guide Dogs.

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