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This is a subway, running north/south, under the Circle/District Line platforms. The escalators to'/from the north section of the central reservation of the Victoria Line platforms are at the north end, whilst steps lead from the south end towards the westbound, platform 1. Two passages, including steps, lead from the west side of the subway towards platform 2, the entrance lying north of the exit.

To Reach

From the Westbound, Platform 1

The entrance/exit to the Victoria Line is the first passage from the east end of platform 1.

Go down 17 steps, going southeast. Follow the wall round curving left, go down 13 steps, going north, into the subway.

From the Eastbound, Platform 2

From the second or third passage from the east end of platform 2, or the foot of the stairs from the east bridge of the Circle Line concourse, follow the passage (northeast), go down eight then nine steps. The passage bears right, east, go down 13 steps and continue to the end of the passage before turning left on to the escalator.

To Leave

There is only one dedicated exit - the second passage from the top of the escalators to platform 2 - the first being an entrance, whilst the passage to platform 1 is two-way keep left.

On entering the second passage, you go up 15 then 15 steps, going southwest, onto platform 2, this is the passage nearest the end of the platform.

The Subway

North End, Going East

  down escalator
2 up escalators

East Side


South End

  steps up towards platform 1

West Side, Going North

  blank wall
passage towards platform 2
passage from platform 2 and Circle Line concourse

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