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This is a rectangular space divided in to by an almost L-shaped gate line. The entrance gates are on the west side, whilst the exits are along the south. There's a Wide Aisle Gate at each end, the exit one being offset north from the automatic exits.

The Wilton Road entrance is on the east side, the two entrances from Victoria Mainline Station are on the south, whilst the passage towards the Circle Line concourse leaves north (ish) near the northwest corner.

The Concourse, Outside the Gates

South Side, Going West

  blank door
2 Tube maps
leaflet rack
pocket map dispenser
blank door
Ridges, snacks
exit to Victoria Gatwick Express
Travel Information and Hotel Booking
exit to Victoria Mainline and Coach Station
Nationwide and Link cash machine
assistance and ticket sales area, under development at the time of our survey

West Side, Going North

  ticket sales area, under development
Tube map
information about station upgrade
blank door
Oyster Card machine

North Side

  passage to District and Circle Lines, (keep right)

The Gate Line

The gate line starts, running south from here

  Wide Aisle Gate
4 automatic entrances

Gate line turns east

  luggage point
5 exits
luggage point
6 exits
passage toward Wide Aisle Gate

East Side, Going South

  2 closed ticket machines
blank door
2 billboards
Wilton Road entrance

The Concourse, Inside the Gates

West Side, Going North

  box jutting out from wall
another box
door to Station Control Room
first aid point

North Side, Going East

  fire extinguisher
blank door
top of down escalator juts out
Tensa barrier, separating entrance and exit
2 up escalators
blank door
fire extinguisher wall curves to right

East Side, Going South

  2 blank doors
blank door
assistance booth
wall turns right

South Side, Going West

  assistance office
Wide Aisle Gate, leading south into concourse

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