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The concourse is an oval shape with the entrances and ticket sales area towards the north side, the exits towards the south and the escalators on the southwest. There are two steps from street level into the Tottenham Court Road entrance and one from the corner. The Warren Street exit contains two automatic exit gates followed by a single step to street level.

There are three large pillars in a row (northwest.southeast) across the area outside the gates.

Outside the Gates

East Side, Going South

  3 ticket machines
Tottenham Court Road entrance
2 phones
corner entrance

Southeast Wall, Going Southwest

  blank door
gate line

The Gate Line, Going Northwest

The gate line starts just east of the Warren Street exit.

  4 exits
2 entrances
luggage point
2 entrances

The gate line curves to the left (north) to the manual gate beyond which the barrier extends to the north wall.

North Wall, Going East

  2 ticket sales windows
3 ticket machines

Inside the Gates

Northwest Side

  help point

Northeast Side

  gate line

Southeast Side


Southwest Side, Going Northwest

  escalator from intermediate level
middle escalator
escalator to intermediate level

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