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The station is located on the west side of Tottenham Court Road (north/south), between Warren Street and Euston Road, which run approximately east/west.

Entrances and Exits

There is an exit onto Warren Street, an entrance/exit onto the corner of Tottenham Court Road and Warren Street and an entrance on Tottenham Court Road, a few metres further north.

Local Road Crossings

Euston Road

A subway, on the corner of Euston Road and Tottenham Court Road affords safe crossing of Euston Road, though this seemed dirty and poorly lit at the time of our survey.

Tottenham Court Road

There's a crossing a few metres south of Warren Street (west) and Beaumont Street (east). This is a single-stage crossing with tactile paving and sounder. There's a post with push button and rotating cone to each side of you as you cross in either direction.

There are no pedestrian controlled crossings of Beaumont or Warren Streets, though these did not seem to be very busy at the time of our survey.

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