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This is a through station on the Charing Cross branch of the Northern Line (running north/south) and Victoria Line (running northeast/southwest) through the station.


The station is established on five levels:

Escalators running southwest join the concourse to the intermediate level from which stairs and escalators lead to all platforms.

The intermediate level consists of two almost parallel passages separated by a central wall. The right-hand (northwest) passage leads directly southwest from the escalators from the concourse, to the escalators to the Victoria Line, whilst the second (southeast) passage leads west from the escalators from the Northern Line, before veering southwest. This passage is joined to the first by passages across the escalators from the concourse and Northern lines and towards the southwest end, before the escalators to the Victoria Line.

The Victoria Line is served by an island platform running northeast/southwest with platform 3, northbound, southeast of platform 4, southbound. Note that, on this station, the train doors open on your left as you face the front of the train. This is contrary to the usual situation on island platforms. A central reservation at the foot of the escalators from the intermediate level provides three passages to/from each platform.

The lower level for the Northern Line consists of the area at the foot of the escalators from the intermediate level, leading east and including the bridge over the Northern Line tracks.

The northern Line is served by separate platforms with platform 1, northbound lying west of platform 2, southbound.


Although there is escalator-only access between the concourse and intermediate levels, there is stairs access between the Northern and Victoria lines.

There is no step-free access to the Northern Line

We therefore believe this station is inaccessible to wheelchairs. The routes between platforms are accessible to Guide Dog users, though the routes between the concourse and intermediate levels are only recommended to Guide Dog users, whilst one of the escalators is stopped.

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