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This section includes the lower level, which is the area at the foot of the escalators from the intermediate level plus the passages and bridge to the Northern Line platforms 1 - 2, plus details of the platforms themselves.

There are two separate platforms running approximately north/south with platform 1, northbound lying west of platform 2, southbound. There is tactile paving along the edge of these platforms.

The Lower Level

To Reach

You can either go down the escalator from the intermediate level, the right-hand escalator is normally the one you need, or use the central stairs.

If you use the stairs, go down three, 17, 17 and three steps, going east to the foot of the escalators. Beyond the foot of the escalators, the passage divides into two, with the right-hand (south) side being the entrance, whilst the left leads from the exit. A wall with billboards faces the stairs.

At the Foot of the Escalators

West Side, Going North

  escalator from intermediate level
central stairs
escalator to intermediate level

North Side


East Side, Going South

  exit passage
wall with billboards
entrance passage

South Side

  help point

The Entrance Passage

The wall retreats to the right (south) twice with a fire extinguisher on the west wall of the first recess. The wall in the middle of the passage separates the entrances to platform 1, northbound, on the left and 2, southbound, on the right.

For Platform 1, Northbound

Go down 20 steps, going east onto the platform, there is a barrier in front of the entrance. You're near the front of the train.

For Platform 2, Southbound

Continue east across a bridge over the Northern Line before turning right (south) at the end. Go down 20 steps, going south, turn right (west) at the bottom, onto the platform. There's a metal barrier across the entrance, you're near the middle of the train.

The Exit Passage

The Exit from Platform 1, Northbound

Go up 20 steps, going west and continue towards the escalators.

The Exit from Platform 2, Southbound

Go up 21 steps, going south, turn right (west) and continue across a bridge over the Northern Line, towards the escalators.

Platform 1, Northbound, from the North End

  wall juts out at effective end, no need to go north of the exit.
exit, and VictoriaLine, platforms 3 and 4
fire point
entrance, barrier in middle of platform
3 billboards
4 billboards
fire extinguisher
wall juts out

Platform 2, Southbound, from the North End

The platform continues north of the exit, but there's no need to go there.

2 billboards
fire extinguishers
4 billboards
6 billboards
fire point
wall at end

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