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This concourse is located at exit 2 of the mainline station which is reached from Waterloo Road, please visit the Environs page of Waterloo Mainline Station for more details.

The area outside the gates is generally rectangular, with the ticket sales facilities and entrance gates in the left-hand (southwest) section as you enter the station and the exit gates in the right-hand (northeast) section. At the time of our survey, a rope barrier separated these two sections to enforce the desired flow of traffic.

The area inside the gates is also rectangular with the gate line along the south side and the escalators plus the passage to the lift on the north. Again, this area was divided into an entrance and exit section by a rope barrier. The lift emerges in the entrance area of this space.

The Concourse, Outside the Gates

This occupies the northwest portion of the Waterloo Road entrance to the station.

Southeast Side, Going Southwest from the entrance from Exit 2

  2 billboards
2 leaflet racks

Southwest Side, Going Northwest

  Oyster card vending machine
2 ticket machines
fares information
ticket machine
London Underground planned closures notice
coin only ticket machine
fares information
blank door
3 ticket sales windows

You enter the queuing system, going northwest between two barriers, then left and right.

Northwest Side, Going Northeast

  Wide Aisle Gate (entrance)
entrance gates
barrier dividing concourse into entrance and exit areas
exit gates
Wide Aisle Gate (exit)

Northeast Side, Going Southeast from the Gate Line

  help point
pillar with 4 phones
first exit to Waterloo Road, marked South Bank, Union Jack Club, Old and Young Vic Theatres, Imperial War Museum, Waterloo Road, buses towards Elephant and Castle and Aldwich
blank wall to second entrance

The Concourse, Inside the Gates


North Side, Going East

passage from lift

North End

  2 blank doors in brick arches

East Side


West Side


As you continue south, the passage opens out into the Jubilee Line concourse.

Continuing North Side

  2 downward escalators to interchange
emergency stairs, behind locked door
barrier dividing entrance and exit areas
2 up escalators from interchange

East Side


Southeast Side, Going Southwest

  assistance booth
Wide Aisle Gate (exit)
automatic exit gates
automatic entrances
Wide Aisle Gate (entrance)

West Side


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