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The lift in this station provides step-free access from the Jubilee Line concourse (street level) to the Jubilee Line. There is also a step-free route from the interchange to the Bakerloo Line southbound, platform 4.

A second lift, at exit 2 of the mainline station gives step-free access to the mainline concourse.


At Platform Level

You enter the passage between the platforms and go into the recess facing west, the call button (up only) is to your right of the door.

At the Intermediate Level

The lift is off the west side of the passage between the downward escalators from the Jubilee line concourse and the interchange area. The call buttons (up and down) are to your right of the door as you face the lift.

At Street Level

You enter the passage leading away from the gate line in the entrance section of the concourse. The door is on your left (west). The call button (down only) is to your right of the door as you face the lift.

Inside the Lift

The control panel is to your left, on the near (east) side as you enter. From the top: alarm, open doors, ticket hall (T), interchange (I) Jubilee Line platforms (J).


We're reminded not to obstruct the doors and a sounder continues whilst the doors are open. Note that “Ticket Hall” and “Jubilee Line Platforms” are announced, but there’s no announcement for the interchange level.

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