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There are two gate lines in the station. The original gate line is opposite the original exit, whilst the new gate line is in the extension to the concourse.

Opposite the Original Exit

There are four automatic gates in this gate line, which was the original exit from the station, opposite platforms 2 - 3. The right-hand gates are normally the ones you need. Note there's a bi-directional Wide Aisle Gate at the right-hand end of this gate line as you enter the station.

The New Gate Line

You enter the station from the Olympic Square entrance facing north. The new gate line is to your right (starting at about 2 o'clock), beyond the narrow passage leading from the original part of the station. The gate line is divided into three blocks which are stepped towards the left (west) as you move away from the entrance. As you move towards the platforms, you'll go through the gates facing east.

We number these blocks 1 to 3, going away from the Olympic Square entrance.

At the time of our survey, blocks 1 and 3 were entrances, whilst block 2 was the exit. We believe the direction of block 1 may be changed according to demand when there's an event at the Stadium. We believe that block 3, being opposite the ticket sales windows, will always be an entrance.

There are eight gates in block 1, divided into two sets of four, and ten in block 2, divided into two sets of five. This is done to avoid pillars within the concourse. Block 3 consists of a single set of eight gates.

Note that there's a bi-directional Wide Aisle Gate between the end of the barrier from the original part of the station and the beginning of block 1.

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