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This is a complex shape which incorporates the original station concourse beside Bridge Road and the extension which leads away southwest.

The entrances/exits are on the south/southeast side, whilst the gate line runs across the original entrance/exits before turning northwest across the extension.

The area inside the gates incorporates the original bridge over the tracks, which has been extended northwest to accommodate lifts to each platform. The former route from platform 1, towards the Stadium, is now included in this area.

Two rows of pillars run northeast/southwest through the concourse. Note the two gaps in the new gate line which align with these pillars.

Outside the Gates

South Side, Going East

  passage to lift to Olympic Square
help point
Olympic Square exit
wall juts north, with window to Station Supervisor's office facing west
Station Supervisor's office, ramp leading east with rail on north
wall juts north

East Side, Going North

area map
wall turns right (northeast)

Continuing Southeast Side

  first entrance onto Bridge Road
through archway into original station
slope down
second entrance from Bridge Road
2 phones
Tube map
Tube map
leaflet rack
third entrance from Bridge road

Northeast Side, Going Northwest

barrier to gate line

Northwest Side, Going Southwest

  HSBC cash machine
4 billboards
3 ticket sales windows, open Monday Friday peak morning hours
2 coin ticket machines
ticket machine
ticket machine
fares information
touch screen ticket machine
Wide Aisle Gate (bi-directional)
2 automatic entrances
2 automatic exits
assistance box
slope up
through arch
barrier on right
barrier retreats round pillar then continues west
Wide Aisle Gate (bi-directional)
gate line retreats north, block 1 of gates, with eight automatic entrances, two sets of four with barrier in front of pillar
barrier runs west
gate line retreats north, block 2 of gates, with ten automatic exits, two sets of five with barrier in front of pillar
barrier runs west
gate line retreats north, block 3 of gates, with eight automatic entrances, no barrier in middle
gate line juts west with assistance box
manual gate, leading east.

Continuing North Side

  barrier to west wall

West Side, Going South

  3 ticket sales windows, Tensa barriers lead straight to these
blank door
night bus information
2 coin ticket machines
touch screen ticket machine
ticket machine
fares information
passage to lift

Within This Area

There's a pillar at each corner in the gate line and a pillar in front of each gap in the new gate line, described above.

Inside the Gates

North Side, Going East

  2 assistance windows
blank wall juts south
blank wall
wall juts south again

East Side, Going South

blank wall

Continuing North Side

  2 sets of blank doors
first aid point
blank wall
passage to north bridge
wall juts south

East Side, Going South

  Tube map
first and last train information
fire point
2 mobile billboards

North Side Becomes Northwest Side

  passage to platform 1, northbound
windows and barrier
passage to platforms 2 - 3 Northbound
passage to platform 4 - 5 Southbound
passage to platform 6
lift to platform 6

Northeast Side, Going Southeast

  2 billboards
Southeast Side, Going Southwest
  3 seats, opposite lift to platform 6
blank wall
wall retreats south

East Side, Going South

  blank wall
Northwest Side
  lift to platforms 4 - 5
Northeast Side

Continuing Southeast Side

barrier across disused original entrance
original entrance gates, barrier in front
large billboard
blank door
large billboard
help point, opposite lift to platforms 2 - 3
2 billboards
3 billboards
original gate line
wall to new entrance gates

Within This Area

The lifts to platform 1 and to platform 2 - 3 are opposite the respective sets of steps to the platforms.

The Passage to the North Bridge

This is a wide passage which leaves the concourse, approximately north, before veering left (northwest) onto the north bridge. There are some billboards on each wall of this passage. As you reach the north bridge, the steps down to Platform 1 are in front of you.

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