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The station is located on the northwest side of Bridge road (northeast/southwest). The original section of the station is on the railway bridge over the Jubilee and Metropolitan Lines which run northwest/southeast through the station. The station has been extended to the southwest to provide a much larger concourse and easier access to Olympic Square and the Bobby Moore Subway, which leads to Wembley Stadium.

Entrances and Exits

There are two entrances/exits:

The Olympic Square Exit

There is clear tactile flooring inside the concourse at this exit. You go down 17, 16 then 16 steps, going south into Olympic Square. There is tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps. There's a lift between the concourse and Olympic Square, a few metres west of the steps.

The steps are divided into ten sets by rails and there are pillars supporting doors which can close the station after three sets of steps in from each side.

From here, you can continue south, through the Bobby Moore Subway, beyond the scope of this survey, or turn right (west) towards ramps to taxis on Bridge Road and Brook Avenue.

The Bridge Road Exits

This consists of the original exit and two new entrances/exits lying southwest of this, onto Bridge Road. The original entrance, lying northeast of the original exit, is no longer in use. The original exit is now marked "B", whilst the middle and southwest exit are marked "C" and "D" respectively. Note that the Bridge Road entrances are only open between 06:30 and 21:30.

Local Road Crossings

There's a crossing of Bridge Road outside the station, between the original exit and the new entrances/exits. This is a single-stage crossing with tactile paving at each end and a sounder. There's a post with push button and rotating cone to each side of you as you cross in either direction.

The Bobby Moore Subway goes under Bridge Road, between Olympic Square and the Stadium. Details of the route to the Stadium lie beyond the scope of this survey.

Local Taxis

There's a taxi rank for three taxis on the northwest side of Bridge road, a few metres to your right as you leave via the new exits.

The following information is taken from a notice board at this rank:

On an event day, a standing has been appointed for 17 cabs in Bridge Road, Brook Avenue and Olympic Square.

To reach these additional cabs, you can either leave via the Bridge road exit, turn right and continue down the slope to the turning right, this is the top of the ramp to the Olympic Square entrance. There could be three cabs just beyond this to your left and the remainder in three rows, to your right.

Alternatively, you could leave via the Olympic Square exit, turn right from the bottom of the steps or lift, then follow the right-hand side to the top of the ramp. There could be one row of cabs to your right and the remainder to your left.

Local Buses

On the Northwest Side of Bridge Road

Stop M, a few metres northeast of the original exit, serves buses towards Preston Road, Kenton or Willesden, 223, 297 (24 hour) and PR2 (Monday to Saturday).

Stop N, a few metres beyond Stop M, serves buses towards Golders Green, Neasden and Brent Cross, 83 (24 hour) and 182.

On the Southeast Side of Bridge Road

Stop O, a few metres beyond (southwest of) the bridge over the subway, serves buses towards Alperton, Park Royal, and Sudbury, 83 (24 hour), 182, 223, 297 (24 hour) and PR2.

Local Features

Olympic Square

North Side, Going East

  lift to concourse
monoblock area
steps up to concourse

East Side

  blank wall

South Side

  Bobby Moore Subway

West Side, Going North

  ramp to Bridge Road
ramp towards taxis

The Ramp To Bridge Road

From the southwest corner of Olympic Square, you go up (west) to street level, there's tactile paving as you reach the top of this ramp. Turn left (180 degrees, east) at the top towards local buses and the original section of the station.

The Ramp to Taxis

From the Northwest Corner of Olympic Square, follow the tactile paving, up (west) to street level. At the top of this ramp, there's a single taxi rank to your right and a wider area for taxis to your left between here and Bridge Street. We understand the right-hand rank is in Brook Avenue.

Bridge Road

This runs northeast/southwest past the station.

Northwest Side, Going Northeast from the Ramp from Olympic Square

  up slope
2 phone boxes
slope up continues
blank wall
taxi rank, for three taxis
new entrance to station
pavement levels out
new entrance
tactile paving indicates crossing of Bridge Road
(original exit)
original entrance, out of use
slight slope down
pillars on left supporting canopy
Bus Stop M, on right
bus information notice
Bus Stop N
Wembley Park Police Station

Southeast Side, Going Southwest from the Crossing

  slope down, off bridge
centre rail divides pavement from wheelchair access ramp to subway
bridge over subway
Bus Stop O
steps down to subway

The Ramp to the Stadium

You go down southwest before turning left (south) then follow a tortuous route to subway level, then into the Stadium. Details of this lie beyond the scope of this survey.

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