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This is an L-shaped space at Level 1, sometimes called the Mezzannine Level. The north leg runs east/west above the concourse, whilst the west leg extends south above the Jubilee Line platforms 1 - 2.

To Reach

This bridge can be reached via steps, escalator and lift from the concourse.

Via the Steps

You go up 3 x 12 steps, going south onto the bridge. There's tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps, which have a hand rail to each side. Turn right at the top for the DLR and Jubilee Line.

Via Escalators

There are three escalators, we understand the left-hand one is normally the one you need. The direction of the middle escalator may be changed according to demand. You go up, going south, onto the bridge, then turn right for the DLR or Jubilee Line.

Via the Lift

The lift is on the far side of the recess in the right-hand side of the concourse as you move away from the gate line. The call button is to your right of the door. Go up to Bridge Level and leave via the other door. Continue to the end of the short passage then turn left.


North Leg

North Side, Going West

steps from concourse
escalator from concourse
middle escalator
escalator to concourse
lift to DLR platforms 3 - 4, call button to left (west)

South Side, Going West

  passage to lift to concourse
East Side
South End
  lift to concourse, call button to left (east)
West Side
  help point

Continuing West

steps to DLR, platforms 3 - 4
west leg extends south

The West Leg

This is a wide, rectangular space with no specific features on either side.

Along the Middle, Going South

  north escalator and steps to Jubilee Line, platform 1 - 2, up escalator east of steps
building round lift to Jubilee Line, platforms 1 - 2
south escalators to Jubilee Line, platforms 1 - 2, use left-hand

The door to the lift is in the south side of the building, facing the top of the south escalators. The call button (Down is to your right (east) of the door, you go in facing north.

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