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This is an island platform running north/south with platform 3, serving trains towards Beckton or Woolwich Arsenal lying west of platform 4, serving trains towards Bank or Tower Gateway. There's tactile paving alon the edge of each platform.

To Reach

This platform can be reached via steps or lift from the bridge.

Via the Steps

You go down 12, 11 then 11 steps, going south onto the island platform. There's tactile paving at the bottom of these steps, which have a hand rail to each side.

Via the Lift

The call button is to your left (west) of the door, you go in facing north. Go down to platform level and leave via the same door. You're at the west end of the passage, move right then continue forward past the steps on your left, onto the island platform.

From the North

There's a canopy along the middle of the platform, supported by pillars.

  lift from concourse, off west end of platform 4
steps from concourse
Tube map
seating rail back-to-back
Tube map
fire point
back-to-back seating rails
4 back-to-back seats
4 back-to-back seats
wall at end

The Passage to the Lift

Continue north, into a passage with a barrier on your left (west) and a wall with a blank door on your right (east). At the end of the passage is a recess with a seat on the east side and the lift at the north end with the call button to your left (west).

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