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This is a through station on the London Underground Jubilee, District and Hammersmith & City lines. It is also a through station on the DLR (Stratford International Branch) and the Mainline between Fenchurch Street, Grays, Shoeburyness and Southend.


There are two sets of platforms in this station. The Jubilee and DLR tracks run approximately north/south to the west of the station, whilst the tracks for the Mainline and District Line run east/west above the concourse.

The District and Hammersmith & City lines share the same platforms, so references to the District Line throughout this guide also include the Hammersmith & City Line.

The District Line and Mainline platforms are accessed directly from the east side of the concourse, whilst an L-shaped bridge, which is sometimes referred to as the "Mezzannine Level" provides stairs and step-free access to the Jubilee Line and DLR.

The Concourse

This is a passage running north from the entrance, through the gate line. The area inside the gates is a rectangular space with the entrance passage, steps and escalators to the bridge on the south side. The lift to the District Line is in the northeast corner. The lift to the bridge, passage to the Mainline and the steps to the District Line are on the east side of this space. The passage provides stairs and lift access to the Mainline platforms.

The Bridge

This is an L-shaped space with the north leg running east/west above the concourse and the west leg extending south.

The north leg includes the lift from the concourse and the steps to the DLR on the south side, whilst the escalators and steps from the concourse, plus the lift to the DLR are on the north.

The west leg provides stairs, escalator and lift access to the Jubilee Line. The steps, together with an up escalator are near the north end of this leg, the lift is in the middle, whilst the pair of escalators is towards the south.

The Jubilee Line

This is an island platform with platform 1, serving westbound trains towards Stanmore lying east of platform 2, serving eastbound trains towards Stratford.


This is an island platform, lying east of the Jubilee Line platforms, with platform 3, serving trains towards Beckton or Woolwich Arsenal lying east of platform 4, serving trains towards Bank or Tower Gateway.

the District Line

This is an island platform with platform 5, serving eastbound trains toward Barking and Upminster lying north of platform 6, serving westbound trains towards Earl's Court and beyond.

the Mainline Platforms

This is an island platform with platform 7, serving eastbound trains towards Grays, Southend and Shoeburyness lying north of platform 8, serving westbound trains towards Fenchurch Street.


There is stairs and lift access through this station, plus escalator access between the concourse and bridge and between the bridge and Jubilee Line. We therefore believe the station is accessible to Guide Dog and wheelchair users.

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