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This is an island platform running east/west with platform 7, serving eastbound trains towards Grays or Southend or Shoeburyness lying north of platform 8, serving westbound trains towards Fenchurch Street. There's tactile paving along each edge of the platform.

To Reach

This platform can be reached via lift or steps from the concourse

Via the Steps

There are two sets of steps, we'll call the first on your left as you go into the passage the west steps, and those just to your right of the lift at the end of the passage the east steps.

The West Steps

You go up 12 then 16 steps, going east, onto the west end of the platform. There's no tactile paving at the top or bottom of these steps which have a hand rail to each side.

The East Steps

You go up nine steps, going east. The passage veers left (northeast) then right again (east), you then go up nine then nine steps, going east, onto the platform. There's tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps, which have a hand rail to each side.

Via the Lift

The lift is at the end of the passage, to your left of the foot of the steps. The call button is on the wall to your left of the door. Go up to platform level and leave via the other door.

From the West

  west steps from concourse
lift building, lift on east side, call button to right (north)
tactile paving indicates lift
stairwell for east steps
tactile paving indicates top of east steps
billboards along middle
help point on post, in middle, 4 car stop platform 7
back-to-back seats
back-to-back seats
back-to-back seats
unused assistance box
back-to-back seats
mirror on post, 4 car stop, platform 8
open platform
mirror for longer trains at end

Note that we found a westbound train stopped at the 4 car stop on platform 8, the front of the train was therefore some distance from the entrances to the platform.

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