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The station is situated in the northwest corner of the junction between the Victoria Embankment (running north/south) and Bridge Street (running west).

Entrances and Exits

There are six entrances/exits available to the public. The Houses of Parliament exit is for pass holders only. The other exits are:

From Exit 1

You enter, going west. Steps lead up south to exit 2, before you go under the embankment road. The passage, with blank walls on each side, slopes down, levels out then slopes down again. Leading left (south) from the foot of the slope is the passage to exit 3, whilst the westward passage ends in four steps, with a ramp to the right (north) leading west into the concourse. These steps are divided into two sets by a central rail.

From Exit 2

You go down 17 steps, going south, turn left (180 degrees, north) then go down seven steps, going north into the passage leading west from exit 1.

From Exit 3

You go down 14 then 14 steps, going west into the passage, turn right and go down 15 steps, going north. Continue under Bridge Street, then go up 11 steps, going north, past the Houses of Parliament exit (not for public access), to your left. The passage veers right then left again, up a slight slope, to the foot of the four steps leading west into the concourse. There are blank walls on each side of this passage.

From Exit 4

You enter a short passage leading north, between tesco (to the west) and Cafe Nero to the right (east). The lift, between street and concourse level, is to your left (west) of the entrance to the passage. You continue north, down 16 steps into the concourse.

From Exits 5 and 6

From exit 6, on the west side of Whitehall, go down 12 then 12 steps, going south into the passage and turn left, under Whitehall. Continue, up four steps, going east, past the steps from exit 5 to your left.

From exit 5, go down 11 then 11 steps, going south into the passage. Turn left, go up 12 steps, going east and continue into the concourse.

The North Side of the Passage, Going East from the Foot of the Steps from Exit 6

  parent care area, through door
ladies toilet, 50p entrance
gents toilet, 50p entrance
four steps up
steps from exit 5
passage shifts to north by veering left then right
blank doors
billboards both sides from here to concourse

Local Road Crossings

We found no specific crossings during our survey, however note that each side of The Embankment, Bridge Street and Whitehall can be reached via the entrances/exits from this station.

Local Buses

Near Exit 5, Whitehall East

The first stop is for tours.

Bus Stop G, beyond the tour stop, serves buses to Lambeth North, 12, 53, and 453 (all 24 hour), plus 159 and N155, N159 and N381.

Near Exit 6, Whitehall West

Bus Stop C, a few metres north of the steps from exit 6 serves buses to Tottenham Court Road, 24 (24 hour), N2.

Bus Stop A, a few metres north of Stop C, serves buses to Aldwich or Piccadilly Circus, 3, 11, 12 (24 hour), 53 (24 hour), 87, 88 (24 hour), 453 (24 hour) and 159.

Local Features

From the top of the steps from exit 3, Big Ben is to your right (about 2 o'clock), with the Houses of Parliament beyond (south of)this.

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