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The bridge between platform 3 and the island, platform 1 - 2, is approximately half way along the platforms.

The entrance and exit to each platform is at the north end, that is at the front of eastbound, rear of westbound trains. There are separate entrances/exits for the eastbound and westbound sections of the station, which are joined by a subway outside the station. See the Environs page for details of the subway. this subway offers a step-free route between the platforms, though you may need assistance with this as the ramps are at the opposite side of the subway to the station.

There's tactile paving along the edge of each platform.

From Platforms 1 - 2

The stair well is the middle building on platforms 1 - 2, being a few metres from the coffee shop and waiting room. Go up a flight of steps then turn left. Go up, then down six steps before turning right, down a flight of steps and turn right onto the platform.

>From Platform 3

The steps jut out from the buildings along the side of the platform. Go up a flight of steps then turn left, go up then down six steps, then turn right and go down a flight of steps to platform level. platform 1 is to your left, platform 2 to your right.

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