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The station is located a few metres south of the point where Snakes Lane, which runs approximately east/west, crosses the Central Line, which runs approximately north/south.

Entrances and Exits

The station has a concourse on each side of the line which will be referred to as the Eastbound and Westbound Concourses. A subway, with both stair and ramp access, links the two sections of the station. Note that the steps go up towards the station, whilst the ramps lead up, away from the station.

The eastbound concourse has two exits into a forecourt, one facing north, towards Woodford Green Broadway and the other west, towards an island between the entrance to the Broadway and the station car park. There is a single step down from the concourse to the car park, whilst the north entrance is step-free.

The Westbound Concourse has a single exit leading north, with two ticket machines on the east side, onto the pavement, the left (west) half of which is occupied by the steps going down (north) to the subway. The right-hand (east) half of the pavement continues, through a passage, which opens out where the slope from the subway reaches street level. Turn right (east) here and cross to the pavement before continuing, past shops, towards Snakes Lane, on your right. Madeira Grove continues northwards from here, the left (west) side of Madeira Grove is fenced and obstructed with parked cars etc.

The Forecourt Outside the Eastbound Concourse

From the north door, turning right, there is a bicycle stand on the near side of the pavement, leaving a narrow pavement on the outer (north) side. The right hand (south) wall has an HSBC and Nationwide cash machines.

The wall facing you (east) has a litter bin, glass, plastic and cans recycle bin and a paper recycle bin.

Follow the kerb round left (north) down two flights of steps, going north into the subway.

Continuing forward (north) up the slope before turning left (west) into the Broadway, which is a small parade of shops, opposite the station, leading to Kings Avenue which runs south from Snakes Lane.

If you turn left (south) here and cross the road, you reach the island.

There are phones on the near (north) side of the island. The wall curves left into Charteris Road which runs approximately southwest from the junction with Kings Avenue and the Broadway.

The wall of the island facing the station (east wall) has an estate agent, a blank door (with a post on the opposite side of the pavement), the entrance to the cab office (with an intercom) and a blank door, before you reach the car park entrance.

The intercom is on the wall to your left as you face the cab office door. It has a plastic grill with a push button in the bottom right hand corner.

Walk straight away (east) from the cab office to the station building. You bear slightly right (south) to locate the entrance at the west side of the concourse. Beware moving vehicles.

The Subway

This is an H-shape with two flights of stairs on each side nearest the station and the slopes leading away (north) there is a slight slope down, then up again as you go under the Central Line.

From the westbound section of the station, you go down 13 then 13 steps, going south, into the subway.

From the eastbound section of the station, you go down 12 then 11 steps, going south, into the subway.

Local Road Crossings

There is a Pelican crossing over Snakes Lane (a few metres before the crossroads), across Hillside Avenue and another across St Barnabas Road. The posts with push buttons are on your right as you face the Pelican crossings and there's a sounder at this junction.

Local Buses

Turn right into Snakes Lane and continue to the crossroads. Hillside Avenue runs left (north) Whilst St Barnabas Road runs right (south) from here.

Stop A, on the west side of St Barnabas Road, serves buses to Woodford Bridge, Barkingside and Buckhurst Hill, 275, 549 (Monday to Saturday).

Stop R, on the south side of Snakes Lane, a few metres beyond the crossroads, for nos. 275 to Woodford Green, Highams Park and Walthamstow.

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