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The entrance and exit to each platform is at the north end, that is at the front of eastbound, rear of westbound trains. There are separate entrances/exits for the eastbound and westbound sections of the station, which are joined by a subway outside the station. See the Environs page for details of the subway.

There's tactile paving along the edge of each platform.

To Which Platform?

  To the Westbound, Platforms 1 - 2
To the Eastbound, Platform 3

To the Westbound, Platforms 1 - 2

For the westbound, platforms 1 and 2, enter via the Westbound Concourse. There are two ticket machines on your left, in the passage just before you enter the concourse. The ticket office on the left hand wall of the concourse was closed at the time of our survey. Continue forward to the gate line, the manual gate is to your left and the auto entrance is next to this. Go through the gates and turn right onto platform 2, you're at the rear of the train. For platform 1, continue along Platform 2 to the end of the building and turn left onto the platform, you're near the rear of the departing train.


To the Eastbound, Platform 3

For the eastbound, Platform 3, enter the Eastbound Concourse, which has two entrances, at right angles, in the corner of the concourse diagonally opposite the gate line.

Note that there's a single step up from the car park entrance, whilst the other entrance, opposite the subway, is step-free.

If you entered via the door opposite the taxi office, go forward to the wall and turn right, otherwise, move to the left wall. The ticket machines and ticket sales windows are on your left as you move forward towards the gate line, on your left. The manual gate is first, followed by the automatic entrance. Go through the gates onto the platform, you're near the front of the train.

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