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This is both a through and depot/terminus station on the Central Line which runs approximately north/south through this station.


There are three platforms, numbered 1 to 3 from east to west. Platforms 1 (terminus) and 2, westbound, share an island, whilst Platform 3, eastbound is a separate platform.

There are two concourses, one for the east, the other for the westbound part of the station. Of these, the concourse for the eastbound appears to be the major concourse with ticket sales windows manned throughout the day. The offices in the westbound concourse were closed at the time of our survey, around mid day.

A subway, with ramp and stair access, links the two station entrances and there is a bridge, with stairs only, about half way along the platforms.


There is a single step from pavement level into the eastbound concourse from the car park and step-free access to this concourse from the north entrance, facing the subway. There is also step-free access to the westbound.

We therefore believe this station is accessible to Guide Dog and Wheelchair users.

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