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This is an island platform with the ternimus platform 1 lying east of the through platform 2.

This platform is reached via the westbound concourse at the north end of platform 2, that is at the rear of the train. Platform 1 starts beyond the end of the building. two rows of pillars, along the platform, support the canopy. There's tactile paving along the edge of the platforms.

Platform 2 From the North End

A barrier runs west to the platform edge, then south to the rear of the train.

North Wall

  ticket sales window, not manned at the time of our survey
barrier with intercom

East Wall

  entrance into Westbound Concourse
wall juts out west onto platform
danger door
wall juts west again

South Wall


Continuing East Wall

  blank door

fire point
2 billboards
fire point

The island platform extends south from here.

  back-to-back seats
help point
back-to-back seats
back-to-back seats

Stair well for bridge

North Wall of building

  blank door

West (platform 2) Side

  blank door

East (Platform 1) Side

South Side


South Side

  steps go up north

Continuing South from the Steps

  pillar on right (west)
coffee shop wall at angle (southwest) onto platform
waiting room door on each platform, help point on north side, seats on south
wall retreats
ladies toilet
assistance box, unused
Tube sign
traditional back-to-back seats
help point
Tube sign on wall
seat facing platform 2
tube sign on wall
end of canopy
lamp post
help point
obstacles on platform 2, rail at end of platform 1

Platform 1, Terminus

North Wall

  window from westbound concourse

The platform 1 side of the buildings is billboarded with a door to the waiting room opposite that on platform 2. There's a help point, on the wall beyond the door to the waiting room.

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