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This is by far the most complex page in this guide.

From the top left-hand corner we have the "Welcome to touch" symbol, followed by the scale, 10M indicator and the North Direction.

The North Direction points to about 11 o'clock, for the sake of simplicity, we'll regard the top of the page as North.

The thick lines, depicting external walls, define a complex shape with the main portion of the building lying west of an unnamed road running north/south and an east wing running south from the external wall running across the top of the page.

The road is shown leading north from the bottom of the page, with the walkway along the left-hand (west) side. As you continue (north) you pass the pedestrian crossing leading east, before going under the footbridge (at first floor level). The main entrance is shown leading west, just beyond (north of) the bridge.

The road continues (north) to the larger of two car parks. This one is shown lying west of the road. The second, smaller car park, is shown about in the middle of the bottom (south side) of the page.


I think it's best if I trace the recommended walkways through this space, rather than attempting to describe the complex layout of this building.

To this end, I'll define the route to and through the main entrance as Path 1. Branches from this will be numbered accordingly.

The numbered stops are linked to text giving more detail, this page will open in a new window in the HTML version. All the detailed descriptions will appear at the end of the audio version of this commentary.

Path 1

The walkway is shown leading west from the bottom right-hand (southeast) corner of the page. Although not shown, I presume this is along the south side of the unnamed road which turns right (north) beyond the east wing of the building. Continuing north, we pass Section 1, (Bessemer Converter) on our left, before a turning left, (Path 2). We continue, under the footbridge before turning left (west) through the main entrance. Path 5 continues north from the main entrance.

After going (west) through the main entrance, you pass the fixed map then Reception on your left. The entrance to toilets (female east of male) is immediately to your right as you come in.

Section 2 (Town Guns) is to your right (opposite Reception).

Right-Hand (North) Side, Going West)

You pass steps up to the platform for Section 3 (Crossley Gas Engine). To look at this, go up these steps and turn right (north). Continuing along the walkway, you pass Section 6 (Tom Parkins Workshop) then 7 (Steam Hammer) before this path turns right (north. Path 3 leads south from this point.

Note, you can continue (north) through Section 6, past upward stairs leading left (west, not for public use), to Path 2, which leads around Section 9, (River Don Engine).

Left-Hand (South) Side, Going West

Beyond Reception, you pass an unnumbered section, Section 4 (Light Trades), Section 5 (Die Sinking Workshop) then 14 (Steel Works Railway Wagon) before you reach the junction with Path 1, continuing right (north) and Path 3 leading left (south).

Turning right, beyond Section 7, (Steam Hammer), continue through Section 8, (Audio Visual).

This path continues (north) beyond Section 8, for a few metres to meet Path 2, in Section 9, (River Don Engine).

Path 2

This path leads west, Section 1, (Bessemer Converter) is to your left, before you turn right (north), left (west) then left again (south) around the small car park, before continuing west outside the south wall of the building.

The path turns right (north) past Section 13, (Stone Garden) to the right (east). The right-hand wall juts west beyond this garden, a fire exit is shown, then after a few metres, the path turns right (east, into the building) into Section 12 (read from the bottom of the page) (Crucible Shop).

In here, you can turn left (northwest) the path then curves right (east) around Section 11 (the Hawley Collection) then continues east. As you go into Section 9, (River Don Engine) to your left), Path 1 leads right (south). Path 2 continues east before turning left (north) into Section 10 (Melting Shop Soft Play Area). A fire exit is shown leading east from this left turning. there's also a fire exit leading east from Section 10. Note that, although not shown, you can turn right (south), past the upward stairs (not for public use) on your right, into Section 6, (Tom Parkin's Workshop).

Path 3

This path runs south past Section 14, (Steel Works Railway Wagon), on your left.

Continuing south, you pass the stairs up to the first floor, beyond which a small path leads left (east). This path passes the stairs (up north then right (east to the first floor), on your left, followed by the lifts.

Continuing south, the path veers left (southeast) into Section 15, (Little Mesters Lane), near the bottom left-hand corner of the page.

Path 4

This path leads east, from just north of the main entrance, into the east wing of the building.

As you go into the building, the café is to your left (north). If you tirn right (south), you pass the lifts on your right (west) then, after a few metres, an opening to the road, you can continue (south) into Section 16, (the Brearley Room). On your left (east) are upward stairs, followed by the accessible toilet and baby change.

Path 5

This path continues north from outside the main entrance. After a few metres, you pass Path 4, leading to your right (east) before continueing past the building on your left, beside the large car park. After a few metres, the path turns right (east) (presumably crossing the entrance/exit to the car park, which isn't shown. The path then turns left (north) then right again (east) leading into Section 17, (Millowners Arms).

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