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From the top left-hand corner we have the "Welcome to touch" symbol, followed by the scale, 10M indicator and the North Direction.

The North Direction points to about 11 o'clock, for the sake of simplicity, we'll regard the top of the page as North.

Much of the building at this level is shown as not accessible to the public. An atrium is shown above the large car park, towards the north of the page and a balcony above the small car park to the south. There's another, smaller balcony shown in the bottom left (southwest) corner of the page.

Both sets of lifts, one near the bottom left-hand (southwest) corner, the other about in the middle of the right, are shown, equivalent to those from the ground floor.

There are three sets of stairs shown at this level. Near the bottom left-hand corner, stairs up are shown below (south of) the lift, whilst stairs down are shown above (north), indicating that you go down west then turn left (south) to reach the ground floor. The third set, (up or down) is shown just right (east) of the lift in the east wing of the building.

The footbridge is shown, leading right (east) from the top right-hand (northeast) corner of the main balcony.


The numbered stops are linked to text giving more detail, this page will open in a new window in the HTML version. All the detailed descriptions will appear at the end of the audio version of this commentary.

A single path is shown leading east from the lift/stairwell near the bottom left-hand corner of the page. After a few metres, the path turns right (south), the main balcony is to your left. The path turns left again (east), Section 18, (National Fairground Archive), is to your right (west) at this point.

The path continues (east), into Section 19, (Transport Gallery).

Although no specific path is shown, you can cross the balcony to the footbridge, towards the lift/stairwell in the east wing. Note that, apart from this stairwell, the east wing at this level is not for regular public access.

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