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This page shows greater detail of the bus stands themselves than is presented on the previous page, though many of the features of Page 2 can be recognised here.

The North Indicator is in the top right-hand corner of the page, pointing to the right. There is no scale indicator on this page.

Detailed Description

There's an entrance arrow into each end of Stands A and B and C whilst for Stand D and E both entrance arrows point north, one from Harmer Lane, the other showing that you continue north into the main building.

The pavement across the south ends of the stands is set back a little way from Harmer Lane itself. There are two pillars on the south side of the pavement, outside the entrance to Stand A and B, one opposite each wall. The building of Stand C continues beyond the pavement. There are also two pillars opposite the south end of Stand D and E.

The crossing of Harmer Lane isn't shown on this page, though the fence to the west side of the crossing is included.

The bus stands are numbered from the right-hand (north), showing stands A1 - A5, B1 - B6, C1 - C6, D2 - D6 and E1 - E6. There is a gap near the southern end of Stand A where A6 would be, but this number is not included. The middle crossings of the previous page are now shown as being between stands B3 - B4, C3 - C4 and D3 - D4.

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