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This is by far the most complex page in this guide. The North Indicator is in the top right-hand corner of the page, pointing upwards. The north crossing of Pond Street is shown near the top left-hand corner of the page, outside the main entrance which leads to your right (east) into the main building. Downward steps, from beyond the scope of this map are shown reaching the pavement from the north outside the entrance. The walk way is indicated as starting south from the foot of the steps then turning left (east) into the building.

Opening Hours

The main building closes at 11pm, doors are closed at the level of the 2 columns next to the cash machine. Coaches leave the station until 12am on stand E. Stand D and E are open until 12am. From 11pm to 12am, if you need assistance or want to use the toilets inside the main building, press the button to your right of the automatic door at the exit of Stand E2, a member of staff will come to help.


Outside the Building

West Side, Going South

  north crossing of Pond Street, fence each side
crossing of vehicle entrance from Pond Street
paved area, fenced on each side leading into Stand A and B

To the right (east) of this paved area is the vehicle access area described in Page 2. You can follow the fence on the left-hand side which curves right (south) before you reach the crossing of Route B. You can continue east, across the planted area, Route C, Stand C then Route D into the building and turn right into Stand D and E.

The north and east sides of this space are bounded by the main building from which a fire exit is shown leading into this space, near the northeast corner.

Inside the Building

You go in through the main entrance facing east onto a walkway which curves round to your right (south) into Stand D and E. We'll list the features on each side as you go away from the main entrance.

Left-Hand Side

  Non access area
shop with serving area, pillar outside
manual door usually open
wall retreats at an angle
stairs up, beyond the scope of this map, no public access to the first floor
turnstiles to ladies toilets, behind stairs
wall juts back again
north entrance to male toilets
manual door usually open
accessible toilet
south entrance to male toilets
coach centre
cash machine
wall retreats (east) across the north side of the area at the end of Stand D and E

There are two pillars (east and west) in the area between the cash machine and a branch of the walkway leading east. This branch leads east then veers left (northeast) towards the photo booth. There are information displays south of this branch of the walkway which would be to your left (east) as you moved into Stand D and E, see below.

Right-Hand Side

  recess to Customer Service
two pillars
fire exit
exit towards Stands C then A and B (left branch opposite this)
walkway continues (south) into Stand D and E.

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