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This page continues the map south from Page 6. The North Indicator is at the top right-hand corner of the page pointing to the right.

This area is on two levels, with Stand D being higher than Stand E. The crossing of Route D, between stands D3 and D4 is shown, as you continue (east) you cross the walkway of Stand D, go down steps to reach the walkway of Stand E. Two access ramps (north and south) lead down to this lower level.

Stands D2 - D6 are shown along the west side, whilst stands E1 - E6 are shown along the east. The Cafe and associated serving area are on the higher level, near the right-hand (north) side of this space, whilst the Left Luggage is in an area off Stand E2, near the bottom right-hand (northeast) corner. The taxi point is shown to the east of Stand E1, in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

There are bins and seats on the inside walls of the bus stands. Hand rails perpendicular to the walls delimit the exits.

West Side, Going South

Stand D2
Stand D3
booth, not for public use
gap to crossing of Route D, leading west, steps down to east
Stand D4
Stand D5
Stand d6
walkway continues into Harmer Lane

East Side, Going South

  Stand E1, outside the building
recess with:

East Side

Stand E2 to east

North Side

  blank wall

West Side

  Left Luggage

South Side, Going East

  assistance button
walkway continues, now inside the building

Continuing South from the Recess

  seat, on right
Stand E3, on left
foot of steps, on right, Stand E4, with pillar in middle, on left
seat, on right
Stand E5, on left
seat, on right
Stand E6, on left
walkway curves right (west) to exit onto Harmer Lane

There's a vending machine in the bottom left-hand (southeast) corner of this space.

In the Middle of this Space

The two access ramps are shown, the bottom of these are either side of the foot of the steps from between stands D3 and D4. The northward ramp, leading towards the Cafe, has a hand rail along the left-hand (west) side and another on the right-hand (east) side up to the wall on the inward (west) side of the recess for the Left Luggage office. The ramp leading south towards the exit has a hand rail on the right-hand (west) side. There's a row of nine pillars along the west side of the lower level area.

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