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Describe Online has published a guide to High Street Kensington Station.

You cross Kensington High Street then follow the left-hand (west) side of Hornton Street, across one road and pass a library before reaching the venue on your left. You should locate the ramped pavement before the vehicle entrance, which you then follow into the forecourt.

At ground floor level, the building is in two parts. The nearer (east) part is not used for the exhibition, all areas concerning the exhibition are in the further (west) part. These two parts of the building are connected by a bridge at first floor level.

Having reached the forecourt, you continue, past the first part of the building then bear left so as to locate the second. The entrance, automatic doors, are in the wall facing you.

To Reach

Leave the station onto the south side of Kensington High Street, turn left and continue to the tactile paving indicating the crossing to your right.

This is a single-stage crossing with a tactile island in the middle. As you face across the High Street, the post with push button and rotating cone is to your right of the crossing. Cross the High Street, move slightly right then continue into Hornton Street. This is a one-way street, traffic comes towards you (south).

As you continue, along the left-hand side of Hornton Street, you cross Phillimore Walk, with tactile paving before and after this crossing. There's now a row of trees along the middle of the pavement.

You pass the Library to your left, before you reach the Town Hall itself. There's a wide open space, with trees but few useful landmarks, between the Library and Town Hall. We therefore suggest you continue along Hornton Street, past the near part of the building till you reach the vehicle entrance. The vehicle entrance has a normally closed barrier with a ramped pavement to each side, turn left up the first ramp.

Beyond the top of the ramp, you're again in a wide open space with the first part of the Town Hall building to your left. Pass the first section then bear left (45 degrees) and continue to the wall of the building in front of you and locate the automatic entrance door to the exhibition reception. Staff will be on hand to assist as necessary. If you find downward steps in front of you, you've overshot the entrance, move right, to the wall, then come back to locate the entrance.

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