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This is a rectangular space between the Lift Area and the Great Hall.

Around the Room

Near Wall

  2 pairs of doors separated by a pillar

Right-Hand Wall, Going Away from the Lift Area

  45 degree cut-off of northwest corner
blank wall
45 degree cut-off of southwest corner

Far Wall, from Right to Left

  blank wall
4 doors towards Great Hall
blank wall
steps, from southeast corner to Lower Foyer

Left-Hand Wall

  fire exit doors to Reception
45 degree cut-off of northeast corner

Within the Space

There are two pillars in the middle of the room.

The Exhibition Area

The exhibition is established around the four walls plus two stands in the middle of this space, one opposite each set of entrance doors.

Left-Hand Wall, Going Away from the Entrance

  Optelec (2 tables)
Vision Aid Technologies (1 table)
stairs to Lower Foyer

Far Wall, from Left to Right

  Vision Aid Technologies (1 table)
Metro Blind Sports (1 table)
entrance to Great Hall
Techready (2 tables)

Right-Hand Wall, Going Towards the Entrance

  GW Micro (1 table)
The Force Ten Co. with Viewplus Technologies (sponsor) (3 tables)

Near Wall, from the Right

  Cragside Accessibility Ltd. (2 tables)
Duxbury Systems Inc. (1 table)
VICTA Children Centre (1 table)

Left-Hand Centre

  Professional Vision Services Ltd.

Right-Hand Centre

  Sight and Sound Technology

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