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This is a rectangular space at Lower Ground level with two rooms (1 and 2) on the east side. There are stairs from the Foyer at the south end of this space. The ladies toilets and refreshments area are at the north end, near the entrance from the lift.

To Reach

Via the Lift

Locate the lift in the Lift Area and go down to the "BT" or Lower Ground. As you leave the lift, the gents toilets are in front of you, beyond the foot of the steps and the Lower Foyer is through the doors to your left.

Via Stairs from the Foyer

The stairs leave from the far left-hand corner of the foyer, as you enter from the Lift Area. The stairs are aligned at an angle (southeast) and are divided into two sections by a central rail.

You go down ten steps, going southeast, turn left (180 degrees) then go down 13 steps, going northwest into the Lower Foyer.

Via Stairs from the Lift Area

See the Lift Area page for details of the stairs. Continue forward from the foot of the stairs, through the doors into the Lower Foyer.


As you enter via the lift, you're facing east, across the space. The Refreshments Area is to your left and the exhibition space, is to your right.

Near Wall, from Left to Right

  Refreshments Area
entrance doors
passage leading west, beyond the scope of this survey
blank corner, beside stairs from Foyer

Right-Hand Wall, Going Away from the Entrance

  blank corner
stairs from Foyer
blank wall

Far Wall, from Right to Left

  Room 1
Room 2

Each of these rooms has two doors. We understand that each room can be divided into two by a movable partition.

Left-Hand Wall, Going Away from the Entrance

  Refreshments Area
ladies toilets and baby changing
cloak room

The Exhibition Space

Rooms 1 and 2

Room 1 is unallocated at the time of writing, whilst Room 2 is allocated to Vision Aid Technologies. Details of the layout in these rooms is not known to us.

The Main Area

The exhibition is established on the right-hand and near walls, plus the area around the central pillar.

right-Hand Wall

  Talking News Federation (TNF) (2 tables) between stairs and near wall
Accessible Friends Network (1 table)

The Central Pillar, Going clockwise from Opposite the Stairs

  Torch Trust for the Blind (2 tables)
The Clear Vision Project (1 table)
Vocaleyes (1 table)
The Living Paintings Trust (1 table)
Calibre Audio Library (1 table)

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