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There are five areas of interest in the far (west) section of the building.

The Lower Foyer,Refreshments area and Toilets are on the Lower Ground Level, whilst all other areas are at ground floor level. There is stairs and lift access between these levels.

Around The Exhibition

Having entered Reception via the automatic doors, staff will be available to meet you and provide information.

Continuing forward from the entrance doors, you go through a normally open door into the Lift Area. From here you can bear right to locate either the lift or stairs down to the Lower Foyer, turn left, through normally open doors into the Foyer, or go up to the first floor via the stairs in front of you or via the lift. Note that, at the time of writing, there is no exhibition space allocated at first floor level.

There are two pairs of doors into the Foyer, the second pair is opposite the doors to the Great Hall, you could go straight across the Foyer into the Great Hall, which is the largest exhibition area.

There are stairs in the far left-hand corner of the Foyer leading down to the Lower Foyer.

If you go down these stairs, you can make your way through the Lower Foyer, towards the stairs or lift in the Lift Area. From here you can either turn left from the lift or right then left from the stairs at Ground floor level to Reception

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