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In the Booking Hall

If you enter the station via the main entrance, with the escalators, on your left hand side is the ticket machines, tactile map and the ticket sales and assistance window.

If you enter the station via the steps-only entrance, the ticket sales and assistance window is approx. 15 metres ahead and around to the left.

From the forecourt outside the west side of Queen Street Station, locate the left-hand moving walkway, or continue down the path to your right of this to booking hall level. Turn left from the end of the walkway into the booking hall, you pass 2 doors, 4 ticket machines and the tactile map. Next to the ticket sales and assistance window.

To the Platforms

Turning 90 degrees from the window, the stairs to the south exit are to the left. The automatic gates are to the right. To the far right next to the wall is the disabled access gate.

As you go through the gates, the steps to the platforms are in front of you, with those to the outer circle to your left of those to the inner. To either platform, go down a flight of steps, follow the left-hand rail round (180 degrees) then go down another flight of steps onto the platform. There's corduroy tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps and there's tactile paving 50 cm from the edge of each platform.

The outer circle platform is against the right-hand wall of the station, the foot of the steps is near the front of the train.

A glasss barrier runs along the right-hand side of the inner circle platform, the foot of the steps is near the rear of the train.

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