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This is a through station in the Glasgow Subway which runs approximately north/south through the station, serving separate platforms.


The inner circle is served by an island platform lying west of that for the outer, which is against the wall of the station. A glass barrier runs along the east edge of the inner circle platform.

The rectangular booking hall can be reached by either steps or escalators from the north entrance, or stairs-only from the south. The moving walkways towards Queen Street Station leave from the northeast corner of the booking hall, whilst the gate line is at the south end, beside (west of) the steps from the entrance. Separate sets of two flights of steps leave from here to the platforms.


Despite there being a moving walkway from the entrance at Queen Street for use by wheelchair users the rest of the station is not step-free access. We therefore believe it is accessible for guide dog owners but not wheelchair users.

National Entitlement Card (for Visual Impairment)

Customers with this card can now access the Subway by presenting their National Entitlement Card directly at the ticket gate.

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