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From Walmer Terrace, go down eight steps into the forecourt and locate the entrance on your left, whilst from Cessnock Street, go down the eight steps and continue forward into the entrance. There's corduroy tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps. You go up a slight slope into the booking hall.

As you enter the station, the ticket sales window is to your left after a few metres.

Holders of concessionary cards (disabled and over 60) are required to buy either a 90P single or 1.30 return concession ticket, whilst blind people with passes are encouraged to collect a free ticket from the sales window. The free tickets are single journey tickets which operate the automatic gates.

Continue (west) beyond the ticket window to the gate line, in front of you. The entrance gates are at the left-hand end of the gate line, whilst the manual gate is to your right of the two exits. Go through the gates and continue down two flights of steps onto the platform. There's corduroy tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps and there's tactile paving 50 cm from each edge of the platform.

The outer circle is to your left, you're near the rear of the train, whilst the inner circle is to your right, you're near the front.

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