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The station faces northwest away from the junction of Govan Road running west and Golspie Street, running southwest. the station faces into a paved forecourt with trees, at the west end of which is the Govan shopping precinct; whilst to the south is the Govan Bus Station and to the north is Govan Road.

Entrances and Exits

There are two entrances/exits to this station, both facing northwest towards the Govan shopping centre. We will call these the northeast and southwest entrances, for convenience.

Local Road Crossings

There are pedestrian controlled crossings at the junction of Govan Road and Golspie Street. Sounder and rotating cone found on the right side of all posts. There is also a pedestrian controlled crossing on Golspie Street facing the southeast entrance. Sounder and rotating cone on right side of posts.

Local Buses

Bus Stop 60903098, in Govan Road, beyond (west of) the Station

Bus Stop 60903089;, on the South Side of the Forecourt

Local Features

Following the Building West, along Govan Road

Following the Building East, along the South Side

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